Humiliatrix – Lipstick Taunts and Two Sissy Facials from Cruel Goddess Scarlett

“This is what I’m going to do to you tonight. You’re going to watch me do my lips for my boyfriend, in preparation for the amazing blow job I’m going to give him. Then, after I tease you into submission, I’m going to give you two totally humiliating sissy facials — the second one, from my mouth into your pathetic face …”

Godess Scarlett, lip tease, lip gloss fetish, sissy facial humiliation…
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Club Stiletto – Obedient Son Worships Pantyhose Mistress T

Club Stiletto - Obedient Son Worships Pantyhose Mistress T
Mistress T

Mistress T keeps her son on a tight leash, mentoring him on how to be a good lover. She knows he roots through her laundry hamper like a little piggy eager to sniff those fragrant pantyhose. He desperately wants to jerk off to her pantyhose but she won’t let him masturbate without her permission. He must learn to control his orgasm. She orders him to worship her sweaty, pantyhosed feet, knowing that she hasn’t let him cum in quite some time. As he drinks in her aroma and kisses her feet, she notices he caused a snag in her stockings. This infuriates her and naturally he must be punished. No release for sonny today!

Mistress: Mistress T
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Men Are Slaves – Putting Him In His Place

Men Are Slaves - Putting Him In His Place

Ruby’s clothes are supposed to be clean, folded and ready for her when she comes home. That’s why she is disappointed in this slave who seemed like he had potential, and now fails to have her clothes ready. He needs to be put into his place and be reminded that as a slave he is expendable and replaceable.
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Adore Her Feet – It Needs More Flavor Princess Jessie

Adore Her Feet - It Needs More Flavor Princess Jessie
Princess Jessie

Who doesn’t love bananas and whipped cream? This slave sure does, it’s a favorite dog bowl snack of his. Sometimes though little Jessie likes to add some extra flavor to the mix, to give it that missing ingredient. That is the taste of her feet, mashing everything in his dog bowl under her feet and letting him feast on the delicious snack from between her toes. That is a snack fit for a slave.
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Cum Countdown – Red Light, Green Light Princess Ashli

Cum Countdown - Red Light, Green Light Princess Ashli

Princess Ashli loves the red light green light game. That’s because to her it’s a game of pure control, where she can exercise complete control of your cock and orgasm. You stroke when she says, you stop stroking when she says, and you definitely can only cum if she grants you permission. She can’t help it, she has a thing for leaving guys with blue balls.
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Kinky Mistresses – Lucianas Arse Slave

Kinky Mistresses - Lucianas Arse Slave
Lady Luciana

Featuring Lady Luciana

Lady Luciana like to fist her slave while they do a shooting in the old factory

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 7 minutes 29 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: anal, fist, fisting, luciana
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Humiliatrix – Sissy Attendant: Help Goddess Akira Get Ready for Her Date

Humiliatrix - Sissy Attendant: Help Goddess Akira Get Ready for Her Date

“I’ve demoted you from boyfriend to sissy attendant. The only use I have for you is to help me get ready for my dates with real men. You can hand my my shoes and stockings as I belittle you, pass me my lipstick and eyeliner as I sass you, and then? You can kiss me goodbye between my boobies. That’s all sissy gets!…”

Goddess Akira Lane, sissification, stocking tease, makeup fetish, big tit worship…
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Goddess Foot Domination – Unproductive Slave Goddess Kylie

Goddess Foot Domination - Unproductive Slave Goddess Kylie
Goddess Kylie

Goddess Kylie is not impressed with her foot slave’s lack of drive. In fact, he’s been incredibly useless and unproductive lately. To encourage him to pick up the slack and start performing his duties, the heavenly dominatrix is going to foot milk his cock. Watch as she lies on a chase lounge in her dungeon, rocking a sexy black corset and matching fingerless gloves, and allows her foot bitch to fuck her feet. She makes him kneel on the floor, wearing nothing but his slave collar, as he grips onto her long, sexy legs and pumps his tiny cock in between her beautiful bare feet. Her wrinkly arches hug his cock with every thrust, foot milking him until he covers her feet with his filth.
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Dreams of Spanking – Non-violent Resistance Jimmy Holloway, Pandora Blake, Sebastian Hawley

Dreams of Spanking - Non-violent Resistance Jimmy Holloway, Pandora Blake, Sebastian Hawley
Pandora Blake

Performers: Jimmy Holloway, Pandora Blake, Sebastian Hawley
Orientation: F/M

When bright young rebels Sebastian and Jimmy sabotage the school’s CCTV network as an act of protest, their inexperienced teacher has to punish them – despite agreeing with their point of view.
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Men Are Slaves – Moo Quack

Men Are Slaves - Moo Quack

I can’t help but feel bad for men that fall for Sara and Kendall. They look so sweet and innocent and yet are so cruel towards men. It’s not just that they love to torture men for amusement. That’s fun and all but they like to humiliate the male gender as much as possible. That’s why they have decided that when Sara kicks this slave in the balls he is to moo like a cow, and when Kendall kicks him in the balls he must quack like a duck. Why? Because it makes him look ridiculous as he moos and quacks while trying to not collapse to the floor in pain from his nuts being kicked over and over again. It’s all great entertainment for the girls who happily sacrifice this slave’s dignity and scrotal sack purely for laughs.
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Hardtied – Mar 4, 2015: Deep Throat | Violet Monroe | Jack Hammer

Hardtied Mar 4, 2015: Deep Throat | Violet Monroe | Jack Hammer

Violet Monroe has her dreams dominated by intense fantasies of being tied up in rope and used for some strange man’s pleasure. She goes to sleep at night with visions of Jack Hammer’s strong hands pulling her body into position and then locking her into position with hard bondage. Well, dreams do come true, and this time in better ways than she could imagine.

Violet thought that she was just going to be locked down to a bed or something. She didn’t think that she’d be hanging in the air when Jack fucked her. Suspensions are hard enough to do, but getting pounded while 3 feet off the ground is like pure bliss. There is nothing like fucking and flying.

But bondage fantasies aren’t just about getting laid. What gets her going is more than just having her pussy stuffed with pole. It’s the whipping, the caning, the flogging, the pain, that makes her feel just as alive as the fucking. She cums herself silly before the corporal punishment, but right after the beatings and a little bit of teasing the orgasms she has nearly knock her unconscious. She is dazed, confused and used, and now her sweet dreams are a steaming hot memory.

Tags: Ball Gag, Blow job, Breast Flogging, Breast Whipping, Flogging, Forced Orgasm, Fucking, Hogtie, Legs Spread, Orgasm, Pussy Flogging, Pussy Whipping, Red Ball Gag, Rope Bondage, Suspension
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Real Time Bondage – Mar 3, 2015 Rain DeGrey | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Real Time Bondage - Mar 3, 2015 Rain DeGrey | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Today is a little different than most live BaRS shows. We have had this big titted blonde before, and her appetite is legendary. She wants it hard, she wants it rough and she can never get enough. What to do with a slut like that? How about no position changes, no breaks, just strict bondage and relentless fucking in all holes for the entire show? Only the very toughest can take a BaRS show, how will Rain handle it?

The plan is beautiful in its simplicity. We bind up this busty blonde and then we go to town. We will not stop until either she breaks or the show is over. Three holes, two hard cocks, one goal. Total destruction. Rain is in for the ride of her life. She just might of bitten off more then she can chew. There is no mercy expected and none given.

10 inches of BBC own the back of Rain’s throat as we use her face as a cock sheath. She sputters and gags, her eyes watering. Moving quickly, we flip her onto the fuckbed and keep going. A vibrator is added and helps wear her down even more as multiple orgasms rip through her bound body while the cock reshapes her mouth to be custom fitted. Can Rain handle it? Or will she break? Stay tuned and find out…

Tags: Big Breasts, Black Cock, Blonde, Blonde Slave Training, Blue Eyes, Breast Bondage, Deep Throat, Face Fucking, Hitachi, Interracial, MILF, Rough fucking, Rough Sex, Slave Bj Training, Slave Girl Training, Tattoo, Vibrator
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Society SM – Beautiful Bondage Music – Amber Rayne

Society SM Beautiful Bondage Music Amber Rayne
Amber Rayne

When Amber Rayne is in da house, you know it’s gonna be a tough and fun day…We’ve been shooting her for 6 years now, but it’s been about a year since we last saw her…and she looks as hot as ever…how she keeps her tight little body so tight and little is beyond me…this shoot features a lot of on-screen rigging and I very much enjoyed watching Amber as the ropes went on her…each predicament leaves Amber vulnerable and exposed…And the Pope uses each opportunity to take advantage of her lovely oppression…every part of her feels his dominance…heavy clamps on the nipples, tight crotch ropes, foot and toe bondage, anal hooks and balls, hot wax…stretched, tied down, suspended, spread…this update is like a BDSM symphony with so many instruments and elements coming together very nicely, care of our sadistic maestro, the Pope…
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Adore Her Feet – Lick My Sweaty Gym Feet Princess Kayla

Adore Her Feet - Lick My Sweaty Gym Feet Princess Kayla

Princess Kayla is squeezing in a quick morning workout before she hits the shower while her blindfolded slave kneels behind her patiently waiting until he can be of service to her. After all he doesn’t deserve to look at her tight ass as it bounces up and down while she uses the elliptical. No, he is there for one reason and one reason only, and that is to provide her stinky sweaty feet with a slave pre-wash. Once she hops off the machine she kicks off her smelly running shoes and puts the slave’s mouth to work as he fumbles around blindly trying to locate her feet and begin the task of licking them clean. He doesn’t need to gaze upon her feminine beauty, he just needs to lick feet like a good slave.
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