Electro Sluts - Nov 26, 2015 - Cherry Torn and Nikki Knightly


Cherry Torn hazes hot new brunette electroslut Nikki Nightly! Nikki suffers beautifully taking the violet wand, zapper, electrified copper wire, and an intense electro zipper! Nikki comes hard all over Cherry’s hand and an electrified dildo before Cherry comes on her face while riding a dildo gag and shocking her enthusiastic slut!
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Hogtied - Nov 26, 2015 - The Pope and Roxy Raye


Anal Queen, Roxy Raye loves to push her limits with how much she can shove in her ass. Today she is met with one of her biggest challenges to date; The Pope’s fist. There are only seven other girls that have ever been able to take his massive fist, but this will be the first anal fisting.

She is spread eagle against a wall flogged and then a crotch rope with a bowling ball tied to it, is applied to ensure her suffering. She starts off a bit timid, but that all changes as the day goes on.

Next she is in a predicament doggy position. All of her weight is balancing on one knee, her other leg is pulled in the air to expose her pussy and ass. she is tormented more and then the anal stretching begins. We grab the biggest toy we have on set and fill her ass with it.

Next we do an ankle suspension with this slut inverted and completely helpless. She is toyed with and shocked with a zapper before she is made to cum.

In the final scene Roxy is as exposed and helpless as she is going to get. This position allows the ideal angle for The Pope to shove his entire fist inside of her ass. He doesn’t stop there and keeps adding more fingers in her pussy to make her as full and tight as possible. You’ve heard of the “shocker” well this is called the”mini van”; 2 in the front and 5 in the back. You’re welcome!!
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Helpless Teens - Oct 30, 2015 - Keely Jones


There’s not much that is hotter than a sizzling Florida summer day, except perhaps a teenage girl who doesn’t know how hot she is… and that’s just the story with little blonde Keely Jones with her slamming, young body that was just made for fucking… rough, extreme fucking. Poor dumb Keely stole her boyfriend’s car while they were fighting, and then she broke down in the middle of nowhere on the most brutally hot day of the year without a cellphone. Now, she’s stuck hitchhiking, at the mercy of ANY lunatic who might happen along, but things are about to take an even more brutally hot turn than she ever could’ve imagined. Lucky for Keely, or perhaps NOT, a helpful stranger spots her helplessly standing in the road, sweating her sweet little tits off, and offers to give her a lift. Of course she has no money to pay him, and the nearest town is an hour away, so just how is Keely going to compensate our hero for his thoughtful gesture? Can you guess? Yes, with an involuntary blowjob, a dirty, sloppy deepthroat suck worthy of a big city whore twice Keely’s age. But not before he ties her hands and slaps her around a bit first, because she’s got it coming, yes she does. Next, he gives Keely the fuck of her young life in the back of the van, pounding her out to multiple orgasms both doggie and cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style. Watch her tiny, shaved pussy take that big hog. When he’s had his fun, he jacks a big load into her open mouth while making her say “No Free Rides.” Ah, nothing like being dominated and humiliated outdoors, huh Keely?
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Fucking Machines - Nov 25, 2015 - Lily LaBeau


Super babe, Lily LaBeau is here to show off her skills. She is given a sybian to ride and the longest cock we could find for her to deep throat while orgasming. It’s a beautiful sight as she takes the cock all the way to it’s base every time she cums. We put her on her back and start the fucking and don’t stop until she is fucked out. Then we show off her long legs and have her in a standing doggy where we fuck her even more. We destroy her pussy and then put her on the sybian for a second time and blow her mind!!!
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Hardcore Gangbang - Nov 25, 2015 - John Strong, Marco Banderas, Mark Wood, Bill Bailey, Bradley Remington and Virginia Tunnels


Welcome Virginia Tunnels to Hardcore Gangbang! This woman is a fucking total whore for gangbangs and does NOT disappoint! Virginia plays a new inmate at the state prison where Maitresse Madeline Marlowe plays a manipulative warden using her power to get anything she wants, including making the new female prisoner her sex slave! When an incident leaves Madeline without her keys, 5 male prison inmates are loose in the cell block and barge in to take over Madeline’s strip search of Virginia. They continue it with a blow bang including stuffing Madeline’s mouth full of 5 hard cocks! They pit Virginia against Madeline and all of them stuff her in a trunk and fuck Virginia’s begging squirting pussy to a pulp! Rough wild gangbang sex, DP and DVP in a woman’s VERY FIRST gangbang ever!
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Ella Kross - Mammoth Strap-On in Slave's Ass featuring Tessa!
Ella Kross


“Oh my God, it’s so big!” Tessa exclaims as she gazes upon the size of the strap-on I’m wearing. It’s the biggest black cock she’s ever seen in her young life, and there’s no way the naked slave sandwiched between us can take it in his ass. The strap-on Tessa’s wearing is dwarfed by the size of mine, and as she shoves it down his throat I begin working mine into his tight little asshole. Muffled groans escape him as Tessa fucks his mouth while I continue forcing my mammoth strap-on inside of him, tearing him open by its shear size. He cries out in agony and humiliation as we fuck him from both ends, his asshole screaming in pain by the enormous cock being shoved inside of it. As I pump away I slap his ass, leaving it red and raw as Tessa watches him blow her. How can this loser endure such torment? This gigantic cock must feel like an elephant’s as I cruelly and relentlessly shove it deeper and deeper inside of him. It just might give him internal damage but we could care less as we laugh and keep molesting the idiot. This is one extreme video you have to see to believe!
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Female Worship - I Want To Reward You Goddess Ash


Ash knows her pussy is always a reward to men. That’s why she gives her man oral access to it when she sees him preparing her bath, because good male behavior does get frequently rewarded.
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Cum Countdown - You Brought Me A Tiny Penis Goddess Lyra


What exactly do you expect Goddess Lyra to do with such a small penis, other than laugh at it? I mean really, what other purpose does it have other than for girls point at it and snicker? Mind you that’s what gets you off isn’t it, having pretty girls laugh at your lack of manhood? How pathetic.
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Humiliatrix - He Gets Danielle's Tight Hot Pussy and You Get the Dog Dish


“Your boss gets my pussy. Because he’s more virile and successful than you. What do you get? You get to buy the outfits I use to tease his cock. You get to fluff my pussy before I fuck him. And, every once in a while, you get to kneel in front of your dog dish and plead to jerk it and lick it all up for me. Your Goddess…”

Princess Danielle, cuckold goddess, tease and denial, worship puddle, cum eating…
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Clubstiletto - Nothing To Offer Miss Jasmine, Mistress XI


Miss Xi and Mistress Jasmine are tired of receiving your endless emails and ridiculous cock shots. They decide to give you a reality check. They don’t spare the degrading verbals, and even wonder about the kind of underwear you wear, and the kind of underwear you sniff. Mommy’s most likely! Certainly you couldn’t fill those boxers, and have no girlfriend to speak of whose thongs you could jerk off to. The closest you ever get to pussy is sniffing the crotch of Mother’s sensible underpants.

Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Mistress XI
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Femdom Empire - Edge the Gimp Gigi Allens
Gigi Allens


Goddess Gigi enjoys overpowering men and transforming them into helpless gimps to add to her ever growing toy collection. Her gimp is kept tightly bound and always hooded making sure he is forever in the dark and oblivious to what devious games she wants to play. Gigi knows the best way to mindfuck a gimp is by torturously edging his cock with slow teasing strokes making him whimper and moan for more. She jerks him to the brink of orgasm over and over again until the gimp can’t hold back and shoots a massive built up load all over his helpless body.

Featuring: Gigi Allens
Categories: Blonde, Bondage, Handjobs, Milking
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Pure CFNM - Plenty For Both Holly Kiss, Lu Elissa
Holly Kiss
Lu Elissa


The girls have been on a night out but only Holly has met a new man. As she makes out on the sofa, Lu looks depressed so Holly decides to cheer her up – by sharing her man! She orders him to strip off and as he drops his pants they see he is already fully erect! The girls push him onto the floor and start teasing his dick with their tongues. The amazing double oral torture can only last so long before he cums all over the place – “now you have to fuck us both” Holly announces!

Holly Kiss, Lu Elissa
Tags: Blowjob, Cock Shock, Female Nudity, MILF
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Female Worship - Right Here In The Kitchen Goddess Dava


Where does Dava like to have her pussy licked? Well, right here in the kitchen will work just fine. After all why not enjoy some oral adoration while checking her email.
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Men Are Slaves - I'm A Dirty Little Pig Lady Edyn


Lady Edyn is often trying out new slaves. That’s because dominant women like her have no shortage of male supplicants to choose from. Most don’t make the cut, but she still enjoys the opportunity to humiliate male piglets like this one who vie for her attention.
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Ella Kross - Oink and Gag For Me! (Making My Little Piggy Slave Suck My Strap-On! )
Ella Kross


Today I’m going to do what I do best: humiliate a stupid slave! After gagging him, I insert two metal hooks into his nostrils, and when I pull back on them using string he winds up looking like a little piggy. I also insert a large metal hook into his asshole and tie it to the back of his head, rendering him unable to move without tearing himself apart. “Look at this pig,” I laugh as I make him squeal, then shove my big, strap-on cock in his mouth. I have him suck my dick while cackling in delight, commenting once again on what a stupid piggy slut he is. “Take it deeper!” I instruct, and jam my cock so far down his throat that he gags and drools everywhere. I make him oink for me before cramming my dick down his throat again, laughing hysterically while I do it. I cruelly make him choke on my huge cock and have him make more piggy noises, then repeatedly slap him across the face with my thick strap-on. I humiliate this porcine cock sucker without mercy and have him thank me for it while continuing to hit him in the face with my dick. What a loser he is!
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