Men Are Slaves - Lady Edyn - Balls Are Meant To Be Tortured
Balls are meant to be tortured. I mean they are just hanging there in full view, what else would they before? That’s how Lady Edyn feels about slave balls anyways, they are the perfect tool to use when controlling a male. Make him learn that his balls will suffer if he doesn’t obey and men usually fall right in line like good little servants.
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Female Worship - Princess Parker - The Service Oriented Male
Parker’s man is what’s known as a service oriented male. A male that loves nothing more than to pamper, pleasure and worship his woman anytime, anyplace for as long as she needs. As such it’s no surprise that he frequently finds himself kneeling with his mouth between her legs.
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Femdom Empire - Adriana Chechik - Take Every Thrust
Adriana Chechik

Mistress Adriana is not satisfied with just fucking her slave in the ass; she wants him to beg for it and totally submit to every thrust of her cock into his ass. Adriana starts by making him suck on her cock, laughing as it bulges out the side of his mouth. She then mounts him with her cock and fucks him long and hard. Adriana then puts him on his back and continues the fucking, smacking his cock and balls as she takes his ass. After Adriana is finished with her slut’s ass, it is open and gaping, ready for the huge butt plug Adriana shoves into it as her slave gasps out in pain.
Featuring: Adriana Chechik
Categories: Anal Play, Brunette, Strap-on
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Humiliatrix - Princess Danielle Degrades You into Playing 'This Little Piggy' with Her Toes
“Want me to rub my pretty feet in your face? You have to BEG, piggy. Plead like a good little oink piggy and maybe I’ll slip off my ankle socks and tease my toes under your piggy nose. HA HA. Look how pathetic you are! Is your pigtail getting stiff for Princess? I better lock you into your pigpen chastity cage. HA HA!…”
Princess Danielle, this little piggy, toe teasing, male chastity, foot worship…
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Mandy Flores - #250 Fucking a Fan
Mandy Flores

The idea is that I (the viewer) am a fan who’s flown out to meet you in person. And you, being a welcoming hostess, offer a kiss and a quick strip show (out of your tank top, jeans, panties and heels). And then, since you’re quite naked, you offer up that I ought to get to fuck you after traveling all that way to get to meet you!Featuring: Mandy Flores Get your own personal fantasy custom fulfilled Today!
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Society SM - Cherry Torn - There is No Substitute
After plenty of recent shoots with first time players, working with Cherry Torn was a great release for me…She is a finely tuned itallian sports car…as a driver, you know you can get in, stomp the gas, tear the wheel and hammer the brakes and she will perform smooth and sweet…truly…Cherry is a pleasure to drive…I enjoyed every moment of control that I took from and used against her…and she offers no resistance…only an anxious sweetness about her…I bundled her up, stretched her back, bent her over and spread her out…just the bondage and positions in these scenes was it’s own uncomfortable and constant torment…Cherry showed up with marks on her ass…I think I have a new rule….if you show up with marks on your ass, you’re going to leave with more than you arrived with…I liked that it gave me an excuse to really push the impact play in a couple of the scenes…and Cherry was a good enough sport to go along with my twisted reasoning…like i said…no resistance…alas…
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Helpless Teens - Feb 15, 2016 - Crystal Rae Cum Slut Crystal
“Life is nothing more than a series of calculated risks, and depending on how you do math, today is either Crystal Rae`s worst day or Bruno`s best day. Consider these facts: what are the chances of our perpetually horny hero, Bruno, happening upon a hot, 18-year-old, petite, teenage girl with fantastic tits and wearing Daisy Dukes, hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere, desperate to get back to civilization and willing to do anything to get there? A million to one? Well, it happens today. Crystal tells her savior she`s lost and horny, and now she`s going to have to fuck her way home. She also takes another calculated risk by telling Bruno she`s known as Cum Slut Crystal. All manner of humiliation and rough sex ensues, and Big B can`t get his cock inside of her sweet, shaved pussy fast enough. After some brutal choking, tit slapping and involuntary fingerfucking, Bruno ties her hands and deepthroat facefucks her while spanking her ass at the same time. The humiliation and outdoor sex continue with hardcore teen sex in a half dozen nasty fuck positions. Can Crystal`s tiny pussy take it? ”
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Hardtied - Feb 17, 2016: Cry Jessica Cry | Jessica Creepshow | Jack Hammer
HA is known for bringing the best in the business when it comes to rope bondage. Jessica Creepshow is known for being on of the hottest models in the world, with a banging body and the kind of sexual energy that is almost entrancing. Jack Hammer is going to turn that energy back onto her and show her the time of her life.
She’s flying in the air, suspended in amazing positions. Face down in a hogtie, she is several feet off of the ground and swinging freely. Folded neatly in half, she can only look down at the ground she dangles above. Every new position brings its own challenges and its own delights. You see, Jessica is a real rope sub. She loves having a man put her into bondage and turn up the intensity until her mind is reeling.
Completely overloaded, Jessica finds her way into subspace and gets completely lost. She doesn’t want to be anywhere or do anything except exactly what her new master, Jack, wants.
Tags: Ass Caning, Ass Whipping, Breast Whipping, Caning, Hitachi, Hood, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Single Tail, Spanking, Whip
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Fucking Machines - Feb 17, 2016 - Anna De Ville
Anna is one of the quiet ones. She doesn’t say much when she first arrives, but once the clothes come off and the stimulation begin everything changes. The slut in her pops her head out and we get to see the real Anna. The machines do there job well and bring her to orgasm over and over until she can’t take it anymore. We give her a short break and then back at it until she is completely exhausted from fucking.
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Hardcore Gangbang - Feb 17, 2016 - Tommy Pistol, John Strong, Mark Wood, Bill Bailey and Kira Noir
Kira is sick of the guys at the record store ignoring her. She finds an old book of magic spells, and casts a spell on all of them. Her spell works so well, they are compelled to tie her up and fuck her until she’s satisfied. It takes a lot to satisfy Kira Noir. She sucks cock like she is starving for it, and her holes demand to be filled. Severe bondage, double penetration, anal gaping, and suffering orgasms, cum eating and a cream pie are what this beautiful witch demands.
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Strict Restraint - A Brave Soul - Ashley Winters
Ashley is a blonde bombshell with a penchant for submissive sex…this however, is her first BDSM experience…another interested and eager newbie with no idea of what I’ll be putting her through…armed with a safe word and stripped of her clothes, she bravely agrees to let me have my way with her…we find out almost instantly why Ashley would have been better off shooting for SocietySM…her hands and wrists are nearly the same size and she can slip right out of tightly rigid devices…like steel cuffs or wooden stocks, for instance…I end up using belts and leather cuffs and they suffice to keep Ashley immobile as I show her what BDSM at DungeonCorp is all about….
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