KinkyMistresses – Taped And Fucked – Calea Toxic

The ass of the Slave taped open and fucked by the amazing german Calea Toxic. A real sex bomb as Mistress is fucking her Slave into his ass
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FemdomEmpire – Cuckold Torment – Raven Bay

Mistress Raven torments her chastised cuckold, he is such an easy target. She cattle prods his balls and laughs as he yelps in pain. When Mistress gets annoyed with his screams she shoves a plastic bone into his mouth.. how fitting.
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YoungGoddessKim – The Glimmer Goddess

It is time to surrender to Me. you want to. Give in to My glimmering legs as I dangle them in your face. Focus on My smooth seductive voice as I guide your senses and stimulate your arousal. My crystal legs are magic and you fall so deep under My spell. your eyes fixate and follow My sultry shiny curves, your cock twitches. Don’t think….Just feel. Feel that cock, stroke it. It feels so good to stroke under My spell. My voice is like a vice grip on the edge of your release, I control your orgasm. you will cum on one. you will cum and explode in deep arousal and mindless ecstasy. Good boy, give it up for Me.
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Clubstiletto – She only lets him out of the cage to Bust his Balls

It’s true, men are boring and useless when they’re not objects for the entertainment of Miss Xi, so she finds it’s best to keep them locked up until she wants to use them! She finally let this little bitch out of his cage, and by let, I mean pull him out by the balls. She loves getting nice big kicks in, swinging Her shoes in to nail the slaves nuts and kick him HARD! Once he’s down on the ground Miss Xi doesn’t stop, She keeps kicking him, laughing at his pain. Boys are so weak!
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Leather, Whips and Stilettos!

Oh how you long to hear my hypnotic voice, smooth as honey, soft as velvet, loveable and encouraging, enticing you like a moth to a burning flame! Mmm . . your eyes survey, feasting over my gorgeous leather boots, fitting snug to my toned legs. I know how much you feel so at home with me. Craving for my attention, adoring my sexy body, my heavenly cleavage, as you nestle your face into my breasts. There’s really no place like home when you’re here with me! Don’t be shy, come a little closer, it’s ok, I won’t use my whip on you, not yet. It’s only for naughty boys. Now, you’re not going to be naughty with me, are you! It’s rhetorical, not a question. Oh dear, I know you’ll need to look up those big ungainly words in the dictionary!

Now while you’re kneeling beside me, you may worship my leather boots, and if you do it well, I will permit you to take your muscle into your greasy little paw, and you may wank for me. Oh dear, careful now, STOP, I’m not permitting you to spill just yet. It’s just as well I have a spare boot lace to wrap tight around your swollen balls. There, that’s better. It will at least help to prevent you from tipping over. If it happens too quickly, I won’t be best pleased, it will mean I’ll have to use my whip on your peachy buttocks! That’s of course after you’ve bent over my leather clad knees for a thoroughly good hard spanking! Boys will be boys!!!
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – No Touch Orgasm While I Stroke

I know you dream of me touching your cock. Every time you masturbate to one of my videos you imagine your hand is mine. You imagine that my hand is gently (or not so gently) squeezing and gripping your head and shaft. I want you to imagine my hands like you always have, except today you won’t have the aid of your hand to help you. I want you to watch me stroke my cock and imagine it as your own without stroking at all yourself. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. You can imagine without any touch at all, my delicate fingers tracing your every swollen inch. I want you to get lost in this feeling. I’m going to make you cum with no hands at all, just by watching me.
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GloveMansion – Milked at the cum extraction clinic part 2

Let me give you a hand with extracting that cum of yours. My soft and shiny gloved grip will surely make you spunk soon. Feel those sexy latex gloves milking you dry.
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GoddessFootjobs – Having Dinner with her Stepdad

Ashley Adams is having dinner with her stepdad and he can’t help but notice her sexy bare feet, especially when she starts sliding them up and down his leg. With her mama upstairs, playing around is risky but they can’t resist each other! Watch as she teasingly rubs her soles on his cock through his pants, getting him nice and hard. In no time, his pants are down and her feet are hugging his cock, stroking it up and down for a steamy foot job as he caresses her long, sexy legs. See her wiggle her toes wildly while she works his cock with her feet. Will she make him cum right there, foot milking him at the kitchen table?
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Humiliatrix – Goddess Vika Compares Your Puny Little Penis to a Big Thick Cock

“Let’s compare your little penis to the kind of cocks that excite me. Look at this big thick cock. Then let’s look at yours. Show me. Let’s see how you fit into an XL-sized condom. Can you fill it for me? Or do you belong in one of these: a pink, sissy-sized condom?…”
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DirtyTransDolls – Transdoll cockbox part 2

Transdoll Natalie is such a slut for shoes. She can barely contain herself when Princes Nikki jerk off her hard-on with her sexy heels. She must suffer, get very desperate and then she can hear the cum countdown…finally a release…but a good slut cleans up afterwards.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Pretty Pink Petboi

Pink panties, pink collar, pink bra, pink lipgloss – pink pantyhose pulling, perhaps? A foray into some flirty, forced fem, with enough pantyhose-pulling torture to turn ANY guy into a girlie-girl puddle of “please mistress pleaseeeee.” This one will make you think twice before clicking send on that “let me be your slave, mistress” email… (which you can do by clicking here.)
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FemdomEmpire – M0mmy’s Chastity Program – Brittany Andrews

If you are going to belong to Mistress M0mmy you must understand chastity is a requirement for servitude. She takes chastity very seriously and makes sure her kept boys understand it is no laughing matter. On day 1 of servitude Mistress M0mmy starts her boys on an intense lock-down chastity program that is not for the weak. The 1st 6-months of her strict chastity program entails being locked in an extremely sadistic cage to make any cock squeal in terror. Slaves that survive those 6 months of cruelty will be collared and upgraded to be Goddess Brittany’s personal boy-toy.
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Clubdom – Stretch Your Ass For Goddess Sheena

Goddess Sheena Ryder slowly lubes her slaves us up. She has another little surprise for him, well, I shouldn’t say little. Goddess Sheena has a dildo in the shape of a hand. She applies lube to the hand, and slowly and gradually penetrates her slave. Goddess Sheena wants complete penetration, the knuckles of her hand must be all the way in his ass. She is forcing it up his ass, trying to help it along with some of her lube, her spit. She finally gets it where she wants it and makes him bounce up and down on it.
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