IWantJasmine – Cum Licking Footbitch

My Feet enslave you don’t they? You would do anything just to serve my beautiful feet. Even Lick all this cum off my feet. So warm and sticky in between my toes, just a big mess for you to clean up. Thats all you are good for, my dirty little cum eating foot bitch. Thats right, My Dirty… Little….. foot bitch. Im going to Transform you into a cum loving foot slave. You don’t have a choice anymore, don’t try and fight it because in the end I always get my way. So get on the floor, kiss my cummy toes and lick this mess up.
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Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: Caning

Ms. Lydia and Mistress Jean have their emasculated slave with his hands, cock and balls bound in a movable stockade. They wheel him around into position in the dungeon. The plan is to strip more layers of manhood away with their canes. But first they have some fun with their bitch by placing several clothespins on his stretched out tongue. They then beat his already sore balls some more with their crops. The slave struggles to cry out in pain with the clothespins still pinching his tongue. They decide to take a break from whacking his balls by whacking the clothespins off his tongue. The slave cries out in pain but little does he know that his pain is just beginning. They direct their attention to their slave’s backside. It’s now time to make his ass match his shredded and reddened back. They viciously and mercilessly cane his ass and legs. The helpless slave yells out in agony as his last bit of manhood is stripped away.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Leather Clad Worship

I swear, every submissive boy is a slut for leather. If I just put on a leather corset or a wetlook bodysuit, all of you little sluts just cream in your pants. The sweet smell of leather intoxicates you. You imagine the feel of my buttery soft gloves against your hard cock. This particular outfit is very traditional in my line of work. One look at me and you can imagine all of the terrible things I’m going to do to you in this outfit. You can imagine worshipping my leather. I bet if you close your eyes right now you can smell the scent of my sweat mixed with the scent of this leather. You’re hard just thinking about it, aren’t you? Of course you are. This look is iconic and inspires all of your devious fantasies.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Thrust & I’ll Thrust Back

An innocuous lunch meeting becomes hosiery-fueled footjob thrust-a-thon. Chemistry here electric, trust me, you’ll be moaning and air-humping just like my restrained friend–but you don’t get the same finish he does… Yes, this is genuine, pretty sure you can see how turned on I am. … ooops…
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Clubstiletto – My Ass, My Farts, It’s All You Need – Princess Lily

Princess Lily walks into the room in bra and panties and starts to tease her slave. and you. with her amazing ass. She turns and gyrates and bends and works the slave up who starts to beg for her ass. Lily turns to you and says she knows who else wants to get their face up in her ass. you! “Maybe the two of you could have a competition she proposes, “I’ll sit on the winners face.” She adds that she will fart in the winners face while the loser is forced to watch.

She then goes back to her slave and calls him a loser and tells him to kiss her ass cheeks. She pulls his head in to obstruct his breathing but then pulls back to blow a pretty juicy fart in his face. The slave barely flinches as he breaths it all in. Now Lily lays on the bed and tells her slave to remove her stilettos and to worship her feet. One foot is rather dirty and she has him lick it clean only to call him back to her ass to release some more gas. She tells him that frequent farting can only mean one thing and that is him about to attend to his other duties as her full toilet. She blows one last fart and then tells him to crawl into the bathroom to wait for him. “I just love to degrade my little bitch boy” she says with a grin. Seems everyone is happy and what more could anyone want in a relationship!
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MistressT – Bound Ruined Orgasm

Tied down on a bondage table, my slave is helpless, putty in my hands…well, not putty really, he’s rock hard & desperate for release. I’ve kept him on edge for awhile, teasing him to the point of near insanity. His cock has a hair trigger. It dances & twitches wildly at the slightest touch now. Feeling my body against him, my pussy right over his face, poor thing can’t help himself. I won’t let him an enjoy that spontaneous orgasm though. It won’t be a fulfilling, satisfying release. It will be abandoned & frustrating, which amuses me to no end….
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Annnnnd go! Start stroking. fast. faster… go , go , go stroke.. Look at me and go. That’s it. Dry. there’s no time. you gotta stroke fast and cum fast. just explode already. go, go go! Were goin’ for multiple orgasm here. Look at me and stroke, stroke, stroke. Now rip your hand away. ruin it.
Now you got some tiny cum drips all over yourself for lube. don’t stop stroking. Nothings changed. I’m still super hot and I’m still draining your balls. now stroke, stroke, stroke.
This only ends with drained balls and permanent chastity!
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MeanBitches – Ass Worship & Foot Worship – Victoria June

Teacher Miss June has been breaking every rule at the school where she teaches. When principal tries to tell her she is in trouble, she treats him like her little bitch. She makes him lick her asshole and kiss her feet… then she turns to the camera and orders you to jerk off while you kiss her ass!…
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TheEnglishMansion – Beating His Cock – Goddess Serena

The stunning Amazonian Goddess Serena is using and tormenting her tied up slave. His hands are suspended, his cock exposed and balls stretched with a heavy weight, Mistress is soon cropping and whipping his dick, alternating with some teasing with the vibrator, bringing his pain and pleasure. She then uses the electro box to stimulate him further, putting a condom on him and when he cums, she pours the mess into his mouth.
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SweetFemdom – Charlotte and Her Castra-Bot Part 1

The villainess Charlotte Sartre hired mad scientist Fluffy to build her a sexy fembot programmed to seduce and castrate powerful men. He’s almost done, but she needs the femdom to castrate the Prime Minister of France tomorrow. “She better be done on time, or it’s your balls.” Charlotte threatens Fluffy while she grips his balls hard. She leaves. He immediately starts talking to the femdom (Bunny Colby) as if she’s his girlfriend. He creepily fondles her tits and ass, then remembers he needs a tool to proceed so he leaves.

Charlotte sneaks back in. She has a device in her hand that she paid Fluffy’s competitor to build her. It allows her to simply recode the robot with anything she wants. She admires the femdbot’s perfect body, then programs her to destroy her makers balls as soon as she sees him again. This way Charlotte won’t have to pay him.

Fluffy returns.
“Identified Maker. Proceeding to destroy his balls.” The fembot knees him in the balls. Charlotte laughs while she watches Fluffy get kneed and kicked in the balls over and over by his life’s work. While he’s on the ground in agony, Charlotte joins in and stomps his balls. She hold his legs open and tells the fembot to continue. Just when his balls are about to rupture for good, Charlotte straddles him and sweetly tells him that he can keep his balls a little longer if he agrees to become her servant. Of course she’s going to continue to torture his balls the whole time. He has been demoted from the top robot scientist in the world to her sissy maid..

To be continued.
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Clubdom – Liberated From Manhood by Jean and Lydia: Ball Shock

It’s now been thirty days since Jean Bardot and Lydia Supremacy have relieved their slave of his manhood. They decide that it is a good time for them to check in on their bitch. They let him out of his cage for inspection. Ms. Lydia compares his tiny dick with the size of her heel. Jean and Lydia laugh because her heel dwarfs their pathetic slave’s little unit. Mistress Jean has a remote control in her hand and now it’s obvious that the slave has a shocker attached to his balls. The Mistresses take turns spitting in their slave’s mouth as they shock his balls. Happy to know that their bitch still is missing his manhood, the ladies kiss, as they dismiss their bitch.
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FemdomEmpire – Balls No More – Marley Brinx

Mistress Marley looks very sweet but she has a twisted and sadistic side to her that will scare any man into submission. She shows her helplessly restrained slave exactly whose in control by squeezing his poor balls until they are at the brink of exploding. Marley can’t help but laugh and enjoy his predicament while he begs for mercy bringing sweet sounds of pain to her ears.
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FemdomEmpire – Cum Treat – Anny Aurora

German Goddess Anny Aurora allows her gimp bitch to finally cum this month as a reward for being so obedient. She gets off on making her slave’s eat every last drop of their load and feeds it directly into the hole of his locked & padded hood. Her bitch will soon learn that all slave’s eat their own cum in the house of Goddess Anny Aurora.
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You wake up and everything feels hazy. You’re in pain in weird places and you don’t recognize the room you’re in. A few seconds of adjustment and you realize you’re in a hospital. A beautiful woman is sitting across from you speaking low and soft, trying not to frighten you. It seems you were in an accident two years ago and have been in and out of a coma ever since. Nobody knows who you are. You don’t know who you are. So your doctors have brought in an expert on hypn0sis in order to free your memories. She talks sweetly to you and gently lowers your walls and you drift into trance. As she’s speaking though, you notice her voice shifts. Suddenly she’s not speaking of regaining your memories. She wants you to forget them. She wants you to forget all of your life before the coma in order to embrace a new life of servitude. You will serve her. She will be your Goddess. When you wake again, there will be nothing left of your life before her.
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