KinkyMistresses – Kennya`s Sissy Smoking Slut

Mistress Kennya´s sissy slut is the perfect human ashtray. She has so beautiful big red lips and her mouth is all the time wide open to recieve the ash from her Mistress
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Adoring Slave Foot Worship

After some serious damage to my slave’s balls and face, I’ve decided to be a kind Goddess and let my slave worship my feet. He eagerly and reverently goes to his task. Starting with my heels on, he gently kisses the tops of my feet and all the way around my heels, one after the other. He reverently removes my heels and lays himself down, prostrating himself to me. From his spot on the floor I can effectively fuck his slave mouth with my foot. All the while he is grateful for every second of contact. Even when I’m slapping his balls with my feet, he is a grateful slave. What an adoring little foot bitch.
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DirtyDommes – Rich blonde cuckolds drunk husband part 2

As her hubby is asleep, the couple start kissing and even fucking right on top of him! Haha, he has no clue…until he wakes up and he realises what his dear wife is doing. He cannot be mad, he knows he is a cuckold, destined to watch his young wife fuck other guys that are much better than him! He gets the scraps, he must worship her feet and eat his cum. Humiliated, cucked and she will do it to him again!
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Clubstiletto – Rachel’s Stool Bound Fart Sniffer – Mistress Irene

Mistress Rachel is sitting on a bar stool as this scene opens. Her slave awakes to see he is bound by cuffs to her stool. She tells him she is gassy and he will be kissing her ass and sniffing her farts. “I just love farting in guys faces” she says. She tells the slave that her sister Irene is crueler but she is more gassy. The slaves head looks so tiny next to her amazing bubble butt. She pushes his head between her cheeks and lets out a nasty liquidy fart. She comments how good it feels to let out gas and asks the slave if it smells nice. She releases his head and after being in her ass for sometime he has no choice but to breath it in deeply. She then orders him to kiss her ass cheeks while she generates another fart. “I feel another one coming, get your nose back in my crack” she says as another wet fart explodes in his face. She pulls his head in deep and makes him fight to breath.

As she pushes him away she lets another one go right on cue. The slave groans as the smell fills his nostrils. Again she pulls his nose into her crack and tells him that eventually she will have to do more than fart but she suspects he’s a sch1t eater anyway. You get some great angles her from above and below that really show off Rachel’s ass and you will be wishing it was you cuffed to that stool taking her farts to the face. Rachel tells the slave to imagine having his head between both her and Irene’s ass, what a thrill that would be. You then see the look on Rachel’s face that she is about to fart again. She pulls his head in and then out just as she farts. “Eat that fart” she tells him. After he munches for a bit she pushes him back for yet another blast to his sinuses. She waves her hand as the air is now starting to get a bit thick. “It’s fart heaven” she says. Rachel suggests that she could maybe fart on him and then once he is gassed nearly senseless, her sister could come and beat the [email protected] out of him. “He’s right where he belongs” Rachel says finally and then follows that up with yet another fart.
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GloveMansion – Wet rubber gloves threesome part 2

What a lucky guy! Being surrounded by two hot and horny blondes in rubber gloves and being milked until he cums on them! Would you like to experience this as well?
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Clubdom – Kendra Heart’s Passion

Kendra Heart has just returned from a long day of supervising her stable slaves. As a reward for having done a good job, she decides to spend special time with her.
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DirtyTransDolls – Rubber doll strap-on frenzy part 1

A real rubber fuck fest! Lady Alice and I, Fetish Liza have two very naughty latex dolls at our disposal for an afternoon of sodomy and anal stretching. These sluts need some extra training to fully fill up their mouths and butts. They get mounted and penetrated deep with our hot cocks! A real gem for lovers of pegging, rubber and trans dolls.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – The Self Facial Game

Another fantastic custom that was a perfect fit for my store!

I’ve got a game for you, slut. You know that I’m internet famous, but you don’t have any idea what it’s like to have the sort of notoriety I have. I want you to aspire to that. You’re going to have your own little video project and post it up on the internet for all to see. Specifically, I want you to cum all over your face. You’re going to set yourself up with some good lights, a good angle, and a good camera so you can film yourself jerking onto your own face and then post it on the internet. We’re going to see how many comments and likes you get. I think if I can put my body on the internet, you can too. If you get enough comments, this could be the beginning of a whole series of humiliating internet videos.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Smothered & Smoked – Miss Zoe

The slave is desperate to serve Miss Zoe, but knows that such an honor would not be granted lightly. She ponders the idea of accepting him into her slave stable whilst she relaxes with a cigarette. She flicks the ash onto his body and grinds it in beneath the soles of her tight leather knee boots. After using the heels to inflict a little suffering, she then decides to sit firmly on his face, whilst continuing to slap and torment him some more. The heels of her boots, once again used to dig into his frustrated cock and balls.
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Clubstiletto – I Recommend One Of These For Every Woman – Miss Jasmine

As the scene opens, we find Miss Jasmine’s slave lying on the floor just as she returns from a night of partying. “Did you miss me?” she asks him, and naturally he moans that he did. After all, she is his only purpose for living. She walks to the couch and orders him to crawl over. She tells him she had a fun night but, her feet are sore. She permits him to remove her stilettos and sniff her sweaty feet. She lays her head back and moans while the slave rubs her feet.

She puts him onto his back so she can rest one foot on his head while he massages the other. “This is so relaxing and I’m sure the cold marble is comfortable for you, too,” she says to the slave with a laugh. She crosses her legs so he can massage the other foot while she again rests the other one on his mouth. The slave diligently presses into her feet with his fingers as she specifies how much pressure to apply. She comments how her property is fortunate, never having to think much, just doing as he’s told. She receives a message from a guy she was dancing with at the club and wonders what he would think if he saw her like this with a masked and collared man lying on the floor at her beck and call. Guests either accept this as her lifestyle though or they move on. After all, she says, “I do recommend one of these for every woman.”
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CfnmTV – The Claim 1 Part 3

With a life-changing amount of money on offer, Henry Lemming has been persuaded to make a claim against his company after an accident at work. Behind him is the supremely confident lawyer Regina Spearing. All they need now is one little signature from a respectable doctor…
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