GoddessAlexandraSnow – Wrapped and Subjected to My Ass

Agent 38051 is in so very much trouble. After being seduced by another Agent and being only allowed to breathe in her farts, he’s forgotten all of his training. He’s allowed himself to be wrapped and taken prisoner to this beautiful Agent. Through a mixture of gas and face sitting, she’s deprived his brain of enough oxygen that he’ll do whatever she pleases. She can even lock him in a scissor hold with her powerful thighs with almost no resistance. Unfortunately for Agent 38051, he’s lost all scope of the mission and where the chip is. After a final scissor hold, she may have to just dispose of him since he no longer has the information she requires. He’s no longer a spy or a man. She’s turned him into nothing more than a chair to be sat upon.
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Clubstiletto – My Waste Is his Nutrition – Princess Skylar

Princess Skylar has kept her slave locked in the toilet box all day where he waits for her to come and feed him. Food and drink, and it all comes from her glorious body. Skylar explains how the box can be used for both toilet functions and while doing so allows her slave to stroke his cock. She wants him to associate his eating time with sex to insure his hunger for her waste gets stronger every day.

“Do you like being my toilet?” she asks him. A muffled “Yes Mistress” comes from the box. Skylar talks about her healthy diet and how it keeps her regular and insures he is eating only the best. Skylar is ready to relieve herself and the slaves hard cock tells us he is excited to be her human toilet! Are you ready for your time in the box?
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TheEnglishMansion – Edged & Edged & Edged – Mistress Sarah Jessica

Mistress Sarah Jessica is in a cruel, teasing mood today, her lucky slave is tied up to the bondage bed, as she spits on his cock and vibrates it until it is straining. He starts to moan as the overwhelming urge to cum builds, of course, she slows down and stops, loving the way he starts to beg. This is the first in many edges, she gives him, each time stopping later and later, sitting on his face and allowing him the honour of her being so close. When she has had her share of teasing and enjoyment, she takes him over the edge, ruining his orgasm, after all the build up, letting him know she is always in total control.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Woodland Bondage!

As the menacing skies continue to shower our countryside, I’ve decided to stick with plan A! Everything is prepared for my gentleman friend to indulge in some heavy leather bondage! My goodness, for those who seriously loves the sound of leather, you’re going to love this movie, as right the way through you’ll hear the signature creaking sound of leather, it’s incredible, and I love it. My slave is bound in a leather straight jacket, shackled to my electric hoist, and as I place him in position, I’m ready to fuck his arse with my pink dildo!

While he hangs in this position, I have to be careful, as his little cock is ready to explode! Oh yes, while his cock may be small, he has the biggest balls, and he can spurt hard! I do provide him with a little break, and retrieve my leather flogger!
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MeanBitches – Raven Bay 5- Cuckold

You walk into your bedroom and find your wife sucking another man’s cock! Your wife looks up at you and smirks as she says “Remember that co worker of yours that you invited to have a threesome with us?”. It turns out that after the threesome he has been coming back whenever you aren’t home and fucking…
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Milked Before My Date

I’ve bound and lubed my lowly cuckold husband on my usual date night. His cock is mine and ready for the milking. You see, he doesn’t actually get to fuck me or get to orgasm at all without my permission. If I let him cum whenever he wanted, he would just never stop jerking. This is why tonight he’s going to get milked while I tell him all about the date I’m going to have tonight. I’m going to describe in great detail the possibilities of my latest tryst. He’ll hear all about me fucking some guy in the bathroom of a restaurant. Maybe it’ll be some cute college girl who will become intimately familiar with a place he’s no longer ever allowed to visit. When he’s cum finally, to keep him humble, I’m going to make him eat his cum for dinner. Once he’s done, I’m going out with someone who actually deserves my pussy.
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GloveMansion – At the doctor’s practice part 1

Lucy Zara and Frankie Babe are feeling very naughty after a long day at the medical practice. The last patient will be going soon, so they glove up and start teasing each other. Now they are finally alone, these hot busty blondes can finger, lick and kiss each other until they cum. Such a horny medical duo!
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Clubstiletto – Ball Battered Bimbo

Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine have subjected a tired old slave to their Youth Rejuvenation Program and my, look at him now! A soft smooth complexion and a full head of golden hair; even his cock is young and perky! Kandy takes his cock and balls into her hands with tender care… until Jasmine applies the magic wand, which causes him to squirm and moan in pain. Seeing the slave suffer turns the ladies on and they start to slap and punch his balls. They’re really quite impressed with his refreshed look, you know. Jasmine jumps up on the bench so she can knee the slave in the nuts and then she goes crazy, using them as a punching bag.

You can see that the slave’s cock and balls have already taken a beating earlier that day, as they’re all red and bruised. Now Kandy hops up and sits on the slave’s face while Jasmine retrieves a giant sounds tool. It’s time to fuck the slave, so Jasmine slips the instrument into his urethra. His cock gobbles the entire thing right up and it completely disappears inside him. Jasmine tells Kandy that the slave has confided that he has a difficult time getting hard with his wife. Well, the rejuvenation treatment must be working, because he’s hard as a rock now! The ladies decide that they should leave the rod inside the slave’s cock, just to ensure that he can keep it up when they’re not around and he’s face to face with only his wrinkled, old whale of a wife. Isn’t medical science amazing??!
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Chateau-Cuir – Satin and leather cum lovers part 2

What a lucky guy! He is being smothered and sucked off by two sexy leatherclad girls and they want him to cum on their black leather skirts as well!
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DirtyTransDolls – Stretching the new sluts hole

The feminization process on my new rubber doll continues with some stretching of the new slut’s fuck hole. It seems this treatment is very effective as the rubber doll’s cock cage is about to explode!
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DirtyDommes – Teeny strap-on Princess part 1

Young, blonde, petite and a natural Domme. Gina Gerson amuses herself with her bondage slave. His ass belongs to her, his cock is locked in chastity. She makes him suck her strap-on dick like a real bitch! Slaps his face and buttcheeks and fucks him good! She really enjoys to boss him around and use him as her fucktoy.
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FemdomEmpire – Adore Her Scent – Summer Day

There is nothing more rewarding than being given the pleasure of worshipping a Woman’s feet…especially when they are ripe with her scent of being in pantyhose and leather boots on a hot and sweaty day. Before he knows it the slave will become completely addicted to Mistress Summer’s extra smelly size 8 feet.
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GoddessFootjobs – Lonely Mother – Mya Mays

You find yourself home alone and unsupervised with Mya Mays. You have a thing for each other and Mya is really in a mood today. She’s super horny and knows how you like foot play. She rubs her strong feet on your hard cock. Mya loves how your meat feels on her soles and watching your face contort with pleasure makes her even hotter. She works your hard tool between her talented feet from various positions. She is all about giving you what you want. You love staring at her gorgeous soles and long toes as she works so hard to give you the greatest footjob possible. When you explode all over her feet Mya is so excited. She really loves jerking you off with her feet and says she can’t wait to do it again.
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