Clubstiletto – I Don’t Normally Fuck White Guys But Because He’s Your Boss I Did

A hot clip featuring sexy lifestyle Cuckoldrix Princess Skylar. The scene opens with a close up of Skylar talking about how getting fucked by so many men lately has really had her hornier than normal. As the camera scrolls back we see her husband locked in his cage wearing a mouth dildo, only inches from Skylar’s raw pussy. She glides the dildo into her and mentions that he has never had his cock inside her and on their wedding night the best man fucked her. Hubby slowly glides the dildo in and out as Skylar moves to the steady rhythm. Skylar then mentions that the best man was not actually hubbies friend as she doesn’t allow him to have black friends. “Only white match dick friends for him in case I get bored with him and want to use a different cuck.”
She asks her cuck if he enjoys fucking her and adds that he can go to work and say he fucked his wife and not be lying. “Of course several of them know the truth though” she laughs and then breaks the news to him that she has been fucking his boss. “I don’t normally fuck white guys but because he’s your boss I decided to fuck him anyway.” You can really see the amount of cum that was in Skylar’s pussy as the dildo is covered in it and then she mentions “I think I’m starting to feel the cum drip out my ass as well.” As the scene rolls over we see Skylar now on her knees with cum dripping from her ass and down her legs. She has removed the dildo from his mouth and now has him licking up the cum. She mentions her ass is a real buffet of goodness for him as cum is not the only thing that comes from there. She then tells him that her boyfriend is actually coming back in a while and bringing a friend which will be the 101st man she has fucked since their marriage. “Someone will be going to bed with a full tummy tonight” she says and then whispers “I actually think he’s a fag.” This cuck has learned to hunger for thick creamy cum loads.

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