Ella Kross – New Toilet Slavery Routine (instructions)

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Ella Kross - New Toilet Slavery Routine (instructions)
Ella Kross


One thing young Tessa quickly learns while visiting me is that this mistress usually doesn’t keep toilet paper in the bathroom. After shit***ting in my toilet, she finds herself stranded with nothing to wipe with and tracks me down to ask where I keep my toilet paper. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” I tell her as I leave the room only to return seconds later with one of my slaves crawling by my side. For the first time in her life Tessa has her tight asshole cleaned by human toilet paper as I spread her cheeks wide and shove my slave’s head into her bottom. Bent over my billiard table with her skirt hiked up around her waist, this slave licks away hungrily, obeying my every command as he uses his mouth to clean the gorgeous Tessa Ray. “Don’t touch my pussy with your disgusting tongue!” she reminds him as he continues to lap away at her dirty, smelly asshole. She enjoys being cleaned with his tongue so much that she just may have to get herself a toilet slave! I love teaching my ways to my young disciples.

Goddess Tessa


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