Goddess Foot Domination – Professor’s Foot Fetish Goddess Raven Bay

Goddess Foot Domination - Professor's Foot Fetish Goddess Raven Bay
Goddess Raven Bay


Goddess Raven Bay is a sexy student who drops by her professor’s office to help him grade some papers. She had just left the gym so when she disappears to get some water her can’t help but to sneak into her gym bag and get out her dirty, sweaty gym socks. When she walks in to find him with his nose buried in her smelly socks, she humiliates him by dangling the socks in his face while laughing at him. She decides to use his foot fetish to her advantage, hopping on his desk and making him kneel before her on the floor at her feet. She snaps photos of him sniffing, kissing, and licking her feet to blackmail him into getting her the internship she wants.

Goddess Foot Domination


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