Clubstiletto – Miss Lydia – Bro is My Toilet

Miss Lydia has her pervy brother wrapped around her little finger and he is now well on his way to becoming her toilet. She orders him under her feet as she perches on the loo, unleashing a heavy dump in the Porcelain God. Yes, the bathroom is getting stinky; but bro must learn to love the smell- it is HER smell, after all! As bro wallows in the fumes, Lydia announces that he is literally going to be her toilet; ie he must lick her asshole clean. She refuses to use toilet paper or have to sit on a cold seat any longer! And never mind what Dad would think if he got wind of this nasty interlude; he’d sack bro from his position at the family company in no time….So bro must join his sis in the bedroom, where, despite his qualms, he finds himself lapping up the morsels stuck to his sister’s asshole.

Mistress: Miss Lydia
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