Clubstiletto – Champagne For Us, Feet, Dirt, Spit, Cum and Humiliation For You

Russian Queen M and Miss Xi just love treating men like and in this scene we find them frolicking in the jacuzzi tub. They holler at their slave horse face wondering why he is so slow with their champagne. As he arrives and hands them their drinks they mock him for still having the taste of another mans cum in his mouth as seen in the clip ‘My Ass Smells Like Sex Now Cum Thinking About Him Fucking Me’. “Bow” Queen M tells him as Xi says, “Champagne for us, cum for you.” She then tells him to bring his face up to her and she spits some of her champagne into his face. He is next ordered to suck Xi’s feet while M gets in his face and verbally humiliates him further. Now both ladies bring their feet up to his face and first tell him to sniff their feet and then lick them. Xi flicks water into his face with her foot but the slave does not stop licking for fear of what these two could subject him to on just a whim. Xi next tells him to suck her big toe and pretend it’s a tiny dick because tomorrow they have someone coming over with a micro-dick and he is going to suck it dry. They suggest they might start a service that caters to micro-dick guys that aren’t getting sucked and horse face will suck them all. Foot worship, foot face fucking, face kicking, spitting and loads of verbal humiliation in this scene as you see a real life slave subjected to the whim of two hot brats. In the end they send him away to his cage and turn on the jets to relax alone in the warm water of the tub.

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