Men Are Slaves – Meet Matilda

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Men Are Slaves - Meet Matilda

We had some emails about Matilda after that clip we posted just a few days ago. So, meet Matilda. We gave her the camera for this clip and let her film with one of her piglets. Matilda may look like a young sweet girl, but she firmly believes in the enslavement of the male and how men exist to be servants of women. As such she owns many male piglets like this one that she shares with other dominant women. This one is more of a chore and humiliation slave to her, a male that handles menial tasks for her and when is isn’t busy doing her chores she will happily humiliate and degrade him on camera for all to see. Because he’s just one more piglet in her stable of male property.

Men Are Slaves - Meet Matilda

Download file – 137.7 MB

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