Madam RavenRae was peacefully taking a nap one fine day in Dallas. Her naughty Slave had wanted her feet so bad but she was just too tired to accommodate him. So as she was resting, he crept into her room, snuck past the sleeping beauty and kneeled at her feet. Not knowing how long she would sleep for, he quickly began smelling her sweaty feet that had been in wool socks all day long. The pungent smell tickled his nose and he couldn’t help himself but to get a little taste of her sweet foot juice. He can only pray that se stays asleep, and if she doesn’t at least he will with her smell on his tongue.
Category: madam ravenrae, sexiravenrae, foot fetish, foot worship, barefeet, foot licking, sleepy, slave pov, forbidden, sucking, sexy feet, stinky feet, smelly socks, taboo, toe suck

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