Clubstiletto – Princess Dakota – The Spa Treatment

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Clubstiletto - Princess Dakota - The Spa Treatment
Uncle Ernie is once again unemployed and out of cash. His bratty niece, Princess Dakota, is displeased. Not only has she not been able to get a pedicure, she has been forced to walk around on her sore feet as Uncle Ernie wasn’t available for pony service; he was busy looking for a job. Dakota reminds him that SHE is his full time job, and that he’d better remedy his negligence in that area. She shoves her cowboy boots in his face, makes him lick the dirty soles, then removes the boots and forces him to inhale the stinky odor. She reminds him that this is the odor of unpedicured feet! Ernie must now lick and clean her feet as good as a spa service! And that includes removing her cracked nail polish! If her feet are properly pampered, Princess assures Ernie that she won’t rat out his pervy behavior to her parents. Ernie is also subjected to a painful rubbing of his niece’s feet on his pervy face, and gets a few hard foot slaps to boot!
Mistress: Princess Dakota

Clubstiletto - Princess Dakota - The Spa Treatment
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