Kandy’s bitch has thoroughly humiliated her by doing a piss-poor job of sucking TS Rianna’s dick. So, he is downgraded to sucking stockinged feet to gain some oral skills. Kandy, Rianna and Ms Blaze have tramped around outside in their nylons, stepping on God knows what. Not to mention, the floors inside aren’t exactly pristine either, what with the remnants of other slaves’s precum encrusted in the floorboards, etc. Certainly, as he tends to all 3 pairs of feet, this bitch will build up his immune system, as he very well should. Slaves don’t get sick days! The bitch is made to promise he will never embarrass his Mistress again, as the ladies make damn sure he licks every inch of their stockinged feet. The clip ends with the bitch being thoroughly gagged by Rianna’s foot…..Which of course, makes this poor cocksucker have a gagging fit.
Mistress: Ms Blaze, Mistress Kandy, Goddess Rianna

Download file – 422.9 MB

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