Mommy has been out shopping all day and her feet are really dirty, so she tells her blackmailed stepson to worship them. Junior has no choice but to do as he’s told, and soon discovers he’s not only sniffing Mommy’s feet but licking them, too… oh, and Mommy is also gassy, so that means he’s sniffing her farts as well. So, it’s foot worship for Junior until Mommy has to fart, in which case he crawls over to her asshole to sniff them up, before returning to her feet. She even makes Junior guess what she ate for lunch.

You get lots of great foot shots and some amazing farts, including many with Kandy’s asshole spread open wide as the gas expels. “Junior spends at least an hour a day eating this asshole” Kandy purrs, before asking you, “Wouldn’t you, if you had a hot mommy?” After thoroughly gassing Junior, Mommy tells him to give her a foot massage.

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