Clubstiletto – Miss Lydia – Fuck My Feet

This is another installment of the kinky brother-sister series with Miss Lydia. Bro is now reduced to receiving a humiliating foot job, and despite his embarasment, he is very hard. Lydia makes him lube up his cock, all the better to slip and slide it between her arches, as she informs him he’ll have to drop that girlfriend of his. All his time should be spent in the service of his sister, proving his devotion to her with ass, armpit and toilet duties. Sadly, bro can’t fuck his sister’s pussy, only her feet. Lydia isn’t shy of reminding him of this fact as she teases him by playing with herself while he gets increasingly turned on (and frustrated). Finally, sis gets bro to lie on his back, gives him a stimulating foot job, and at the last possible second, removes her feet from his cock. No orgasm for brother! And why should he get one? Sis owns his cock now; she decides when- and if- he gets a release!
Mistress: Miss Lydia

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