Foot Fetish Petite – Guest Bathroom Alyssa Kayson

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Foot Fetish Petite - Guest Bathroom Alyssa Kayson
Alyssa Kayson


The sexy, tattooed Alyssa Kayson is showering when her boyfriend comes in to peep in on her, stroking his cock while he watches her naked. With her sis in town, it’s been awhile since they’ve hooked up so he decided to bombard her in the bathroom so that they could finally get some alone time. Although she’s reluctant at first, she soon gives in, sitting on top of the bathroom sink and wrapping her feet around his big, thick cock. Watch as she slides her feet up and down his shaft, hugging it between her soft, wrinkly arches, giving him the foot job he’s been craving. See him cum all over her pretty little feet as she foot milks him.

Foot Fetish Petite


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