Foot Fetish Petite – Cable Guy Alyssa Kayson

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Foot Fetish Petite - Cable Guy Alyssa Kayson
Foot Fetish Petite


Alyssa Kayson has been having problems with her cable network and when the cable guy arrives late she ends up being late for a picnic. Bustling to get ready quickly, she not only accidentally drops the dessert she had prepared for the picnic, but manages to step in it, covering her cute little bare feet in sticky sweet gooeyness. When the cable guy comes into the kitchen to check to see if she’s okay and notices her predicament, he offers to service her in a way that doesn’t involve her cable channels. Watch as he wipes off her feet with a paper towel then cleans them with his mouth. See him slide his tongue in between her toes and licking her from heel to toe.

Alyssa Kayson


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