Ella Kross – Wrestling Mistress Kate!

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Ella Kross - Wrestling Mistress Kate!
Ella Kross - Wrestling Mistress Kate!
My body’s in such great shape because I used to be a personal trainer and still work out regularly. With Mistress Kate by my side, I have her follow along with me as I perform some basic stretches and get frustrated with her when she can’t keep up. “Are you joking with me?” I ask when she finds amusement in her continuous failure. Her giggling is proof she’s not taking this workout seriously, and when she makes the mistake of pushing me it’s go time! We drop to the mats and playfully wrestle each other, laughing as we roll around and each try to gain the advantage. I point out how much stronger than her I am as I toss her around, locking her into various submission holds until she has no choice but to surrender to me. I’m the toughest mistress in the world as she just found out the hard way!

Ella Kross - Wrestling Mistress Kate!
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