Ella Kross – Wrestling a Slave… Who Will Win?

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Ella Kross - Wrestling a Slave... Who Will Win?
Ella Kross - Wrestling a Slave... Who Will Win?
When this foolish slave makes the mistake of thinking he can take me down, I quickly prove just how wrong he is as we wrestle around on my gym mats. Within seconds I have his neck locked in a scissor-hold and choke the air out of him with my powerful thighs. He desperately tries to escape but I’m just too strong and show him a little mercy by breaking the hold. I’m completely topless and wearing only my panties as we roll around on the floor, and it doesn’t take long for me to once again pin the dirty jerk. I’m simply too strong and too athletic for this chump, my cardiovascular endurance clearly trouncing his. As he squirms beneath me I sit on his neck and laugh as I choke him out with my crotch. By the time I’m done with this slave he’s so worn out and defeated he can’t even move! I tower over him with one foot on his chest in victory. I’m one mistress you don’t want to mess with!

Ella Kross - Wrestling a Slave... Who Will Win?
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