This is the first half of the exciting Sleep Therapist shoot I did with the wonderful goddess Janira Wolfe! Janira is just so sexy and so strong at the same time, and her and I thought a great way to show this off would be to have a session with Dr. Wolfe, Janira’s sultry, trust-worthy, very-professional and very caring alter-ego. In this clip she introduces me to scissorhold sleep therapy, strips down, works me over good in a figure 4, and then gives me a 10 second count-down to sleepy-time in a masterful attempt at curing my otherwise incurable insomnia. Full honesty, I did not survive the 10 seconds of the count-down, but it worked wonderfully anyway.
Finally, here is the exciting second half of my Dr. Wolfe shoot! She helps me further my sleepiness by taking me down to the floor and putting me into a hot reverse headscissor, cranking her thighs on and off around my throat. She eventually gives me a wonderful little countdown from 10 to put me to sleep; she loves timing it so I actually go out at 1, which she does by slowly tightening her thighs, inner thighs, and finally glutes. It’s pretty fantastic, put me to sleep pretty good. I awoke to her lovely face above me, and then we jumped into a reverse using the couch as support to do it allll over again.

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