Princess Skylar and Domina Ruby, the Dynamic Duo, are resting on the couch while their slaves sit on the floor in front of them. This is not a romantic movie night though. No, these Ladies are going to scissor their boys and make them kick for air. As both have very powerful thighs, the boys can expect to do some suffering. Ruby wastes no time scissoring her bitch while Skylar goes a bit easier on hers and actually allows him to fuck her feet. The younger slave gets wood first but both struggle while they try to stimulate their cocks as their necks are tightly squeezed. Eventually, the Superiors decide there isn’t enough flow going to the slaves’ cocks and they go back to scissoring instead, but with more force this time. Ruby gets very intense and you can see her slave wilting under the pressure, fighting to breathe. Skylar increases the pressure on her slave, who instantly starts kicking. “It’s such a good work out; I love it!” Skylar exclaims as she squeezes with all her might. Now during the final game, both Ladies wrap their legs around the slaves’ necks and squeeze for all they’re worth. It’s bedtime!

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