You are Goddess Holly’s Toilet and Toilet Paper

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Format: mp4

Goddess Holly has an ass that craves to be worshiped. She loves making you stick your nose in her ass crack and rut around in there like the little piggy you are. She wants to hear deep sniffs as you rub your nose on her asshole. When she is good and aroused from your humiliation, she orders you to lick her ass. She parts her cheeks and sends you into the erotic world of licking, kissing and sucking her magnificent ass. Her bubble butt cheeks rest on your face as you probe her hole with your tongue. All of this is preparation for what is really on her mind. To convert you into her toilet and toilet paper. Cleaning her ass is your new job and consuming her waste is non-negotiable. She orders you to open wide as she sits on your face and delivers your meal. She gets so turned on by all of this, she has an orgasm during the process of feeding you. You will love being Goddess Holly’s toilet and toilet paper.

Mistress: Goddess Holly


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