Victim to MY Big Juicy Ass

Duration: 00:04:22
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Format: mp4

Goddess Naughtia is in the mood to OWN you with her ass. Dressed in the sexiest gown and heels, she struts to the bed and slowly hikes up her dress to reveal her AMAZING, HUGE, JUICY ASS! She knows you want it and she is going to make you a victim of it. She commands you to stick your nose deep in her ass crack and inhale the precious scent you’ve grown to love. You’re addicted to that musky fragrance that fills you with the urge to lick her crack clean… but NOT until she gives you the command. You know better than to do anything without permission. She rubs her ass in your face and then spreads her cheeks to reveal the deep cavern leading to her asshole. She orders you to lick it and you dive in with a fervour like you’ve never felt before. After feasting on her ass, she tells you she wants to sit on your face and she settles that magnificent ass onto your face as you black out in ecstasy. A victim to her BIG JUICY ASS.

Mistress: Goddess Naughtia


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