The Secrets You Hide from Your Wife

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Mistress T knows what you like. She knows you think about her when you’re fucking your wife. She knows you have all kinds of dirty title secrets that you keep hidden. Like your interest in FemDom. She knows you’re also a pervert. You can’t help sometimes sneaking a whiff of your wife’s soiled panties or socks. You truly are a weak, disgusting little man, but you can’t help yourself and there’s no law against being a loser. So here you are… just you and Mistress T… alone at last. She wants you to start stroking that little think you call a penis. Stroke it for her. She wants to make sure you’re really hot and horny for her before she tells you what she’s going to make you do.

First she wants you to think about how it would feel to taste her… to touch her… to smell her. You are going crazy at the sound of her seductive voice. She wants you so on edge you will do anything for her. Then she pulls a big surprise. She reveals a pair of your wife’s high heels. She compares how big they are to her tiny, sexy little feet. She keeps driving you mad with her seductive voice because she wants you to do absolutely anything for her. She tells you she is going to sh/t in your wife’s shoes and you are going to EAT her Goddess caviar mixed with the sweat from your wife’s feet in her stinky shoes. Your cock is so hard and twitching. You have never felt so degraded and turned on in your life. You will cum harder than you ever have before. But first, you imagine her hot, steamy, sh/t filling your wife’s shoes. Mistress T then hands the disgusting shoe to you, and you must consume it all as you shoot your load and have the biggest orgasm of your life. You’re such a pervert.

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