Kates Palace – Who’s the Bitch 1

LADY SAHARA is none too enthused when SHE learns that HER household pooch has been chasing other bitches round the neighbourhood like a mangy stray. He ain’t never caught a rabbit, so he ain’t much use to her. SHE tells him his gallivanting just naturally will have to stop. Having taken great pains to find and catch him, SHE decides to invest more of HER precious time in an intensive training session. It begins with a verbal dressing down, accompanied by a little motion control: corporal punishment clips on his milk nozzles and a bell clamped tightly to his rod of uncontrollability, with plenty of sweet caresses from THE STERN LADY’S little black heart. It seems but a trifle, but perhaps it’s worth mentioning that the back side of this kind heart is peppered with sharp spikes so that each little love pat will make a deep and long-lasting impression. For the sake of discipline, she enforces a time-tested rule that every proper puppy trainer finds indispensible: one bark means “No” and two barks means “Yes”.

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