Jerk to 3 of the Finest

Duration: 00:08:01
File size: 350 Mb
Format: mp4

Today is your lucky day. You have three of the finest Mistresses and asses on the planet standing before you. There’s Mistress T, Goddess Holly and Mistress Xi. They rub their asses in your face and drive you crazy with their hot, sexy verbals. They want their asses adored and they want you stroking your cock and cumming to their exquisite beauty, but first you’re going to have to earn it. After teasing you and edging you for what seems to be an eternity, and as you desperately crave to cum, Mistress T orders you to grab your ball sack and punch yourself in the nuts. That’s right! Do it! On her command, do it again and again as the Mistresses laugh and laugh at how pathetic you are. They are so hot, and you are so NOT! But you get to shoot your load at the end and that’s all that matters. You can feel satisfied that you provided them with some great entertainment as they watched you perform for them.

Mistress: Goddess Holly, Mistress T, Mistress XI


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