It’s Time You Became MY Toilet

Duration: 00:05:02
File size: 180 Mb
Format: mp4

“You want to serve Me?” asks Mistress Jasmine, “Then you can become My toilet.” she exclaims. She is towering over you as you cower on your knees before her. You have admired her for so long and now you have one chance to prove yourself to her. She slowly unzips her sexy latex dress and pulls it up to reveal her spectacular pussy and body. Your cock is hard but you know none of your selfish desires to cum will be realized today. Instead… it is all about HER! Your MISTRESS! Her needs are all that matters and she summons you to open your mouth wide and receive her nectar. She relieves herself in your mouth and you swallow as fast as you can. Not a drop is to be spilled or you will be punished severely.

Next she wants her pussy licked clean. She parts her lips and orders you to clean her pussy of all remaining nectar like the toilet paper you are. You actually manage to impress her. You actually do a decent job of licking her pussy. Not wanting to waste your talent, she turns around and orders you to clean her ass while you’re at it. She left it dirty for you in case you actually impressed her and now you can consider yourself Mistress Jasmine’s permanent toilet. Hope you have a good appetite. You’ll need it.

Mistress: Mistress Jasmine


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