Hard Face Sitting Workout

Duration: 00:15:49
File size: 592 Mb
Format: mp4

Goddess Samantha comes home from the gym and is pleased to see her ass bitch waiting in proper position for her just as she instructed. She wants to rubs her sweaty ass all over his face and make him inhale the deep scent of her workout. She plops her ass on his face and starts to work him over. As she deprives him of oxygen, she gets inspired to continue her workout RIGHT ON HIS FACE! She starts doing all kinds of crunches and leg pull-ups and cycle crunches as she gets all sweaty and stinky all over again. Her ass bitch is really suffering under her sexy black leggings as she bounces and grinds hard on his face. It turns out to be a very long workout that destroys ass bitches face.

Mistress: Goddess Samantha


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