Goddess Holly’s Amazing Ride

Duration: 00:09:13
File size: 337 Mb
Format: mp4

Introducing Goddess Holly. She is beautiful, tall and weighs 140 lbs. (63 KG). She told us she really gets aroused from human pony riding and she wasn’t kidding. She is very strict and controlling with extremely hard rein control. In fact she pulled the reins so hard she broke the bit at one point. But what really sets her apart is how much pleasure she gets from riding. When she said she gets aroused, she wasn’t kidding. She loves rubbing herself on the pony’s back and making him work hard for her. She kicks him hard and makes him move to her satisfaction. She does all-fours riding, donkey lifts, and all-fours neck riding to get what she needs to have a very powerful orgasm on her pony’s back. Goddess Holly is ultra sexy and a very serious equestrian. You will love watching her in action.


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