Give It ALL Up for ME

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Mistress really enjoys incorporating a slave’s face into her daily life as a seat cushion for her to sit on. She enjoys using his face as a sofa or chair. But she doesn’t want to be bothered with the slave’s constant need for air. “I want to train you so you have the lungs of a deep sea diver,” she says. “I want to sit on your face and not be distracted with your thrashing beneath me. I want you to give it all up for me, just to make sure I’m not interrupted when I’m watching television or working on the computer.” She sits on her slave’s face for incredibly long periods of time without any concern for him. She sits in forward, reverse and side saddle positions while looking incredibly hot with her corset and stockings and garters. The action in this scene is very intense and sizzling. Mistress really delivers.


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