Fierce Trampling to Test Devotion Part 1

Mistress Carmen is sick and tired of slaves simply telling her how much they adore her and are devoted to her. She wants them to put their words into actions and prove their devotion. She decided to put her slave to the test and trample him so ferociously that if he survived she would believe in his claims of love and devotion. Wearing razor sharp high heels, she delivers the most severe trampling we have filmed in awhile. She is truly merciless and actually takes extreme delight in the suffering of her human carpet. At one point it seems like he simply won’t be able to take anymore, but Mistress Carmen wants to trample him all afternoon wearing various heels and boots. To assist him get through the suffering, she briefly sits on his face so he can breathe in the scent of her pussy. She knows that her scent will give him the strength to continue her brutal trample test. High heel trample fans will really enjoy this scene.
Mistress: Mistress Carmen


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