Clubstiletto – The Family Bitch – Goddess Mahina

“”Toby, get in here,”” commands Mahina. “”I want you to brush my hair.”” Toby does as he is told. He has become the total slave bitch to his step-sister Mahina. She has him wearing fish net stockings and totally rules his life now. As toby brushes and cares for her hair, she tells him that she has told M0m about him being Mahina’s slave. Now M0m wants toby to be HER slave as well. She also informs toby that they plan to make him suck Dad’s cock. They plan on making toby the “”Family Bitch.”” Mahina laughs at toby’s reactions to all this news.

She loves knowing he has no say in the matter. To further emphasize her ownership of him, she tells him all the hair brushing has made her horny. She orders him to kneel at the end of the bed with his mouth open. Goddess Mahina then plays with herself and brings herself to the most AMAZING ORGASM with huge volumes of squirting pussy juice all over toby’s face and into his mouth. Gusher after gusher is produced as Mahina keeps having multiple orgasms. At the end she grabs toby’s head and shoves it into her pussy as she orders him to clean her up.

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