Carry ME to the Coffee Shop

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Sasha really treats her step-dad badly. Besides yelling at him for even the smallest infraction, she also likes to be carried everywhere they go. She truly feels her feet should NEVER touch the ground. Today, they are sitting in the park enjoying some sunshine which is rare this time of year where they live, but it is still cold and Sasha really wants some hot coffee to warm up. No problem. Step-dad suggests they go to the coffee shop that is several blocks away. Sasha agrees but in her spoiled, bratty way, she tells step-dad that there is no way she is walking all that way. She demands to be carried. Her step-dad is so weak when it comes to standing up to her, he agrees and Sasha mounts up and proceeds to ride him there and all the way back too. She makes sure to make the ride as strenuous and miserable as possible with some hair pulling and face slapping along the way.

Mistress: Mistress Sasha Mizaree


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