The English Mansion – Pretty Maid Manor Pt1

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The English Mansion - Pretty Maid Manor Pt1

Featuring Goddess Miss Kelly, Governess Ely, Miss Vivienne LAmour, Mistress Evilyne & Mistress Sidonia

The Mistresses have decided to advertise for a new slave to join their other transformed former males at Pretty Maid Manor, an exclusive establishment where ‘special girls’ are fully feminised, transformed and trained as Ladies maids. When the new candidate arrives, he thought the position was for a slave house boy. He is shocked to discover the house is for ‘Women Only’ and is informed he will have to be transformed. He he is not keen on this and has to be persuaded by Governess Ely to change his mind, as she wrestles him to the ground and rips his shirt off, Mistress Evilyne and Goddess Kelly shout encouragement. His is then passed around and subjected to the start of his training, overseen by Mistress Sidonia, he is tormented and humiliated by the Mistresses in turn for being a ‘Man’, with Miss Vivienne l’Amour delighting in making him squeal! His enforced feminisation is going to be a fun challenge for the Ladies of Pretty Maid Manor…

Goddess Miss Kelly

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