The English Mansion – Instructing My Sexbots

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The English Mansion - Instructing My Sexbots
Mistress Sidonia is introducing her male and female slaves to her friend Mistress Roberta. The slaves are both locked in cruel chastity devices and caged, awaiting their commands. Mistress orders slaveboy to use the vibrator on slavegirl, buzzing it through the metal belt and causing her to writhe in desire, enough stimulation to get her wet but not to cum. In return the slavegirl is then told to lick and tease the cock cage, the Mistresses laugh as they witness the straining dick protruding through the gaps, his moans of pain delighting them. Mistress then administers the mind wipe aphrodisiac and the slaves become even more aroused and are released from chastity and directed to please each other in an amazing sex show for the Mistresses enjoyment.

The English Mansion - Instructing My Sexbots
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