Mistress T – Goddess Party 5 – T Cam 5

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Mistress T - Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 5
This is a really interesting clip with a unique variety of ‘themes’. It starts with me discovering my camera man being molested in the living room when he was supposed to be working/filming. That’s sort of a tense but fun ‘reality TV’ moment as the camera man thinks he’s in trouble with me…and the ladies aren’t sure if they’ve crossed a line with me by molesting my camera man/partner. It’s all good though and I move along to film other rooms as my camera man is otherwise preoccupied. There’s a hot scene where a slave is helping Jasmine lace up her corset and she and I talk about her getting fucked by a slave earlier…then into the bedroom where I find a slave helplessly tied spread eagle to the bed. I fuck with him a little then figure out he’s ticklish. 2 of us girls tag team to tickle torture him.

Mistress T - Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 5
Download file – 342.3 MB

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