Men Are Slaves – Sarah’s Dad, Part 1

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Men Are Slaves - Sarah's Dad, Part 1

Dava and Ela both are accustomed to enslaving men. That’s why when Dava walks in with a grown man crawling behind her on a leash, Ela isn’t the least bit shocked or surprised. But this isn’t just another one of Dava’s many enslaved males. No, this one is the dad of her friend Sarah and he had the audacity to ground her! It’s almost as if he still thinks he has some control over women. Well that’s about to change as together the girls reeducate this male with humiliation and degradation, reminding him that the proper place for a man is groveling at the foot of a woman. They start with small penis humiliation for this pathetic creature and move on to other humiliation as their whims dictate.

Men Are Slaves - Sarah's Dad, Part 1


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