Ella Kross – Denying and Ball Torture for Being Late!

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Ella Kross - Denying and Ball Torture for Being Late!
Ella Kross


I hate when people are late, especially one of my slaves, and especially when I’m horny. He supposed to be here a half an hour ago yet here I am, waiting alone on my sofa. Oh, man, this dumb fuck is really going to get punished whenever he drags his sorry ass here. Speak of the devil, here he is now! He casually saunters in, tossing a half-assed apology my way but that’s just not going to fly. Pushing him up against the wall, I pretend I’m happy to see him and he can’t even tell that I’m obviously seething. I unbutton his shirt, then his pants, and when his cock comes out he definitely thinks he’s getting laid. Grabbing hold of his cock I gently begin jerking him off while teasing him with my sexy body. He’s dying to fuck me, but I don’t believe his bogus excuse of being late because of traffic. He clearly thinks I’m stupid, so after getting him all worked up I cruely inform him that he won’t be cumming today. He begs me to get him off but I deny his orgasm while flaunting my perfect body and laughing in his face. I bind his balls with string, tying it tightly around his sack and squeeze them while delighting in his misery. He screams apologies at me, pleading for forgiveness, but he won’t get any from me! I leave this loser with sore, aching balls and he deserves it for being late. There’s no excusing it! Including: CBT, tease and denying, cock tease

Ella Kross - Denying and Ball Torture for Being Late!


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