DominatrixAnnabelle – Pumping and Revving!

My gentleman friend approaches the black wrought iron gates, knowing how excited, yet anxious he will be, before entering my grounds. It’s a long angonising approach before he steps out of his car and knocks on my door. As I swing open the door with such enthusiasm, he steps back with a WOW!

Adorned in my exquisite leathers, ready to take him down into my intimate dungeon for a pleasurable journey of decadent anal debauchery! Pumping his arse with my meaty strap-on, delving deep into his penis using my chrome sounds. Nipple torment, and sensually erotic tease while bound on my bench.

I love watching him enduring such tease and torment, knowing how painful his nipples will be long after he leaves my Manor. A gentleman’s rendezvous continued as we drove to a most idyllic pub set deep in the countryside. I will tease you with my leathers, while you listen to the hum drum of the engine as my leather boots pump and rev. What a way to finish the day! Thank you so much david for another most enjoyable day.

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