Clubstiletto – Goddess Airen – You’re So Weak

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Clubstiletto - Goddess Airen - You're So Weak
At over 6 feet tall in bare feet, Goddess Airen is bigger and stronger than a large number of men. Take this bitch for instance; she can bully him all she wants because they both know she’s got the size advantage. Airen orders him to the floor, to kiss her feet, orders him back up only to slap him around, puts him in a tight headlock…..and generally has her way with him. He’s lucky she doesn’t actually beat him senseless. Why waste the energy on such a small loser? Airen would like to relax her tall frame on a comfortable surface, and this little loser would make an ideal mattress. She begins by sitting on his face, watching him struggle as he is pinned beneath her weight, then she uses him as a chaise- longue, lounging over his whole body. She’s ready for a nap, while the little loser is plastered under her long limbs.
Mistress: Goddess Airen

Clubstiletto - Goddess Airen - You're So Weak
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