Clubstiletto – Desperate Cocksucker Cleans Boots

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Clubstiletto - Desperate Cocksucker Cleans Boots
Nothing turns on TS Mistress Rianna more than a slave dressed in a tight, humiliating outfit grovelling at her boots. The boot bitch is craving cock, but that doesn’t mean Rianna is going to give it to him! All he deserves is toiling over her boots and she refuses to even so much as lift her feet off the ground to enable him to worship her sexy boots. The slave must lift her feet of the floor himself and guide the stilettos into his mouth without a helping hand from Mistress. Slaves are meant to work, after all! As the slave is licking her footwear, Rianna removes her panties and begins to stroke her dick. The slave is making love to the heel of her boot, wishing it were her cock. If he’s lucky, Rianna will shoot a load of cum onto her boot and he can lick it up! Slaves are just the ticket for licking up dirty things, be it armpit sweat, asshole juice or tasting a Mistresses cock and balls. Speaking of which, Rianna forces the slave’s face right up close to her dick, and while he attempts to reach it with his his tongue, he is banished back to boot duty. Will this slave ever earn the right to taste her cock?
Mistress: Goddess Rianna

Clubstiletto - Desperate Cocksucker Cleans Boots
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