Here’s a throw back Thursday clip from 2012 that has not had a lot of views lately but ass lovers and fart sniffers will definitely enjoy! Mistress Violet and Goddess Stevalia are relaxing on the bed and making out. Violet comments on the bean salad they had for lunch and how it is making her need to fart. Goddess Stevalia remarks that her stomach is experiencing the same thing and she really needs to fart as well.
They summon their slave and order him to stick his nose into their sexy asses. Their asses are stacked high on top of each other and with their thighs encircling the slave’s head, it forms a nice cave of stench and flesh for the slave to enjoy. “”All you are good for is smelling our farts,”” announces Goddess Stevalia as the two of them fart and fart on their slave’s face.
Towards the end, Goddess Stevalia announces she has to sh*t and she orders the slave to attach his mouth to her asshole. The slave obeys and you can see him struggling with the simulated consumption of her load.
Mistress: Mistress Stevalia, Mistress Violet

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