Clubstiletto – Who’s That Woman Mistress Bijou Steal

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Clubstiletto - Who's That Woman Mistress Bijou Steal


Mistress Bijou Steal is not pleased. Her boyfriend returns from the bar the previous night with a swollen set of testicles, which he admits some woman inflicted on him. Clearly, he’d made a sexual remark to this lady and pissed her off. Bijou is no mood to feel sorry for her boyfriend, not only because he’s eyeing other women, but especially because now, she can’t get off by riding his cock. His swollen testicles simply couldn’t take the pressure. Instead, Bijou decides to smother him and ride his face till the zipper of her body suit bruises his face….or until he gives up the identity of the ball-busting woman!

Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal

Mistress Bijou Steal


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