There are many ways to restrict a slave’s breathing, and chest sitting is one of the most lethal methods. Mistresses Jasmine and Kandy put this to test, first individually, and then as a duo on this poor loser’s skinny chest. As both ladies sit on him simultaneously, they notice his cock is ever-increasing in size. As Jasmine aptly puts it, the more a slave suffers, the harder his dick gets- he knows what’s good for him! The ladies get more sadistic as time goes on, and decide to up the ante by doing butt drops on the slave. Each woman takes her turn, landing with a heavy thud square on the slave’s solar plexus! Then they both get on him, Kandy on Jasmine’s lap, and bounce hard, their combined weight really taxing their bitch’s endurance!
Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy

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