Clubstiletto – Life Is Better With Your Tongue Up My Ass

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21273694_21256883_lma-life-is-better-with-your-tongue-up-my-ass-mp4_snapshot_01-22_-2016-11-17_21-40-43.jpg 21273695_21256884_lma-life-is-better-with-your-tongue-up-my-ass-mp4_snapshot_03-32_-2016-11-17_21-41-10.jpg
Introducing Sexy Princess Mia! Sexy Princess Mia is sitting on her slaves head and tells him he needs training as she expects to sit on his face for at least 5 minutes at a time without her even having to think about him. As she plants her amazing plump ass on his face she looks at you and says, “I bet you’d like to lick my asshole.” She is happy with the slave and tells him her movies will be much more enjoyable to watch with his tongue up her ass. “Keep licking, this is about me, not you. Slaves don’t feel good, only Mistress’ feel good.” She then leans forward and as the slave gasps for air she tells him just to look at it and admire it. In the process you get some amazing angles, showing off what has to be one of the hottest young asses anywhere. She tells him to tell her how much he loves her ass and it’s clear the slave is a total prisoner to her ass, he’d do anything to be under it. She nudges his face with it and then starts to bounce. No girl ever had this,much fun at the playground. “Take a deep breath.” she tells him as she settles in for a long sit. “Tongue back in my ass, make your Goddess feel good”, she tells him. She asks him again if he likes it but when he tries to answer she keeps bouncing and his voice is all muffled. She mocks him and then asks if he has ever heard of her hero, the Face Crusher. With that she sits down hard and eventually he needs to breath and starts to kick frantically. She just laughs, this guy is easily replaced.
Mistress: Princess Mia

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