Clubstiletto – Lick My Ass Till You Dye

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Clubstiletto - Lick My Ass Till You Dye
Goddess Samantha has tried everything to get this slave to draw his last breath. She has one more idea: To sit on his chest. The torture is bittersweet, as the victim can still breathe freely through his mouth, but the sheer weight of his buxom Goddess makes each breath very labored indeed! While she squashes his chest, she pulls on his balls and even briefly toys with a hand job just to tease him! The slave is an ass man and Samantha switches angles so he can view her ass as his breathing becomes increasingly strained. And finally, the victim sufficiently weakened, the Face Crusher does what she does best: She drops her weight onto his face, smothering him completely, and orders him to lick her ass……until he dh7es. It is only a matter of minutes.
Mistress: Goddess Samantha

Clubstiletto - Lick My Ass Till You Dye
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