Clubstiletto – Into Our Asses, Into Our Pussies

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Clubstiletto - Into Our Asses, Into Our Pussies
Mistresses Airen and Kandy have their slaves positioned on the couch, ready to be used as human furniture. They plunk their asses down of the bitches’ faces and get ready to tease and torment. The idea being, the bitches must tap when they find they are on the verge of suffh0cating. However, these slaves are so lackluster, their tapping is rather noncommittal. The dominas have no choice but to ignore the so-called taps for mercy. They crank the bitches’ nipples to wake them up, and indeed their tap-outs become more vigorous. The ladies turn around and face the camera, so that their pussies rather than their asses are doing most of the smothering, and realize that the human seat cushions are getting a boner! Kandy orders them both to jerk off, reminding them that they are lucky they aren’t made to jerk EACHOTHER off!
Mistress: Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy

Clubstiletto - Into Our Asses, Into Our Pussies
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