Clubstiletto – Feel The Crush OF Ruby’s Ass

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Clubstiletto - Feel The Crush OF Ruby's AssClubstiletto - Feel The Crush OF Ruby's Ass
Some days Domina Ruby just wants to relax but what makes the day even better is if she can make a slave fight for his life under Her Royal Ass at the same time. She lets the slave lick her ass and she moves up and down but soon asks him if he appreciates every breath of air she allows. She then intensifies the sitting while reminding him that there is no greater honor than being under her ass. While she sits on the slave she tells him to get his tongue up her ass. She looks amazing with her tiny cinched waist and big plumb ass. This is a woman made for facesitting. She reaches out and strokes his cock and leans forward so he can lick her ass some more before getting up and reversing her position. She tells him to stroke his cock some more and then shifts her body so his nose rubs her clit. “Remember if I you like this, I can just replace you.”, she tells him and then extends her legs outwards so the full weight of her ass is crushing his face. As the slave kicks for air, cruel Ruby just laughs and laughs.
Mistress: Domina Ruby

Clubstiletto - Feel The Crush OF Ruby's Ass
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