TheRealQueendom – A Closer Look

Evening at home with Mistress Kawaii, stretching out like a mountain range upon the bed spread. Mountainous to you, that is, as you slowly creep across the sheets toward her body. She’s busy checking her phone, so you take the opportunity to sneak up, carefully, cautiously. Suddenly she straightens her leg, and her calf nearly flattens you! Was that intentional? “Stupid phone,” she mutters, drawing her leg up once more, giving you the opportunity to stalk beneath her powerful thigh. It’s so dangerous to do this, with that immense leg arching over your frail, tiny body, but how can you resist? You creep right up between her thighs, giddy with your sneakiness, when suddenly she rolls to her side! Her thighs plow you away, and then her big, beautiful ass is lying right before you! Seizing the chance, you charge her ass and begin to crawl up her inner thigh to get in that sweet crack… “Whoa, what the hell?” Kawaii’s voice thunders above, stunning you, and you’re tossed about as her thighs pummel the bed around you. When the chaos settles, you’re staring straight up into her panties, stretched tight over her thick, swollen pussy, and way up in the distance, her face glares at you with displeasure! “What are you doing over here? I put you in the drawer! And now you’re sneaking under my ass?” Her thighs close around you, and then she nudges her pussy into you, shoving you around like a schoolyard bully. “You look excited,” she notes. “Is this really where you want to be?” She clutches you in one overwhelming fist and, grunting and sighing, rolls her massive bodyscape to lie on her front. Suddenly you’re perched upon her thighs, with her huge, glorious ass rising before you. “I’m just going to keep you there, that’s what you wanted to do.” You can barely see the back of her head, peeking over the huge hemispheres of her ass cheeks. “You know like how that looks?” She slaps her ass, making it shudder heavily around you. “You know what, I’m going to trap you in there.” She laughs, her buttocks grow and swell, and then there you are: lying next to her thong, resting just above her asshole! Is it everything you hoped it would be? Her hand releases her ass, her cheeks close upon you, and then you disappear deep inside her ass! “I don’t even feel you,” Kawaii thinks idly. “I hope you’re comfortable in there. It’s going to be so sweaty, because I really feel like dancing.” Is she serious? You can’t tell, your entire world is two enormous butt cheeks clenching you from all sides, her excited anus fluttering against your tiny legs. She laughs at you: “No, I don’t feel you. Maybe you just got sucked up into my ass and you’ll be in there forever!” Mistress Kawaii scoots her incredible ass over the bed, gets up, adjusts her skirt, and strides out of the apartment for a night on the town. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your night,” she comments mockingly. “I know I will.” Mistress Kawaii, Giantess, Ass Slave, POV

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