Goddess Alexandra Snow – Voice in the Machine

If you love science fiction and my trance videos, you’ll want this totally new theme with new editing/special effects! You are just sitting at home, watching TV, when the broadcast is interrupted by a beautiful, dark-haired woman on your screen. At first she begins to purr to you, “It feels good to relax, doesn’t it?” And you instantly find yourself relaxing. “Feels good just to watch the screen.” You agree, it does. Soon, you are completely unaware of your own fixation on the screen and on her voice. The woman explains that she was a scientist who grew tired of the military mind control experiments she was working on and decided to create her own. She found that beaming herself directly into a computer gave her unlimited power to affect the male mind, and she could now write programming to affect the human brain. She has created this program to imprint line after line of new code into your brain and you are helpless to look away. The longer you stare, the faster the code is written, and the more aroused you become. This new program is perfectly designed to create sexual obsession and you begin to jerk your cock uncontrollably. This fantastically sexy woman croons to you that you will soon orgasm and the orgasm will reboot your mind. Once you reboot, the new programming will result in your mindless slavery. She has created the perfect tool to create an army of mindless male drones, blank little robots who accept any and all commands. Even as she tells you that this is your future, you cannot stop your hand from stroking. The countdown to your orgasm and erasure of your mind begins.
Categories: Mesmerize

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